before our arrival

Before our scheduled appointment, there are a few simple things we request to ensure the most flawless application of our resurfacing products:

REMOVE removable items from the room, including any wall art, decor, and toiletries from inside showers or on top of countertops.

DUST/WIPE DOWN/VACUUM  entire room and any adjacent rooms that are not separated by a door. Please make sure ceiling fans, window ledges, air vents, and any hard to reach shelves are not missed!

SECURE all pets - we love animals and would be happy to meet your furry friends, but any pet dander and hair that gets on our clothes or equipment could become surface debris on your newly refinished surface. Please also make sure pets are kept out of the room(s) we will be working in after pre-arrival cleaning, and for 48 hours after completion.

It is highly recommended that we be the LAST CONTRACTOR in the house, or at minimum the last contractor in the room to be worked in. All other repairs, renovations or replacements should be completed before our arrival. If resurfacing is part of a larger remodeling project, please let us know so we can schedule accordingly. Any calls for repairs for damage caused by other contractors will incur a minimum fee of $150. If we arrive to a scheduled job, and we are not the last contractors in, the project will be rescheduled to an appropriate date, and a cancellation fee of $100 will be collected to be put toward the total cost. 

Please also note that our glaze takes 48 hours, and our liquid stone takes 24 hours to dry completely. Please keep activity in the room(s) we have worked in to a minimum until dry time is complete.


About Your New Surface

You will find specific warranty info below but it is also important to understand a few points regarding overall resurfacing.  While fixtures are originally manufactured in highly controlled, dust free environments, homes unfortunately do not offer such pristine conditions. Consequently, while every effort is made to produce optimal conditions for resurfacing, minor imperfections such as dust particles may show up in the finished product. Generally these will smooth out on their own through normal use and cleaning within 30 days. We are not responsible for debris or insects that may adhere to the surface during the drying and curing process.  Additionally, there may be imperfections in your existing surface such as silicone contamination, small chips, scratches or dents that become more evident once a new, glossy finish is applied. Unfortunately, we have no control over this.

We mask over to protect the surrounding area as carefully as possible using high quality paper and painter’s tape and paper; even so, we are not responsible for touch-ups or repair to paint or wallpaper that may be removed by the masking tape. Note that standard pricing does not include removal of masking tape and paper or applying new caulk - there are additional charges for these services, and arrangements must be made prior to the work being done. Liquid stone finishes may vary slightly from the color samples, just as paint, wallpaper, or tiles may vary due to manufacturer’s batch processing. Additionally, the amount of color, texture, and color patterns may vary slightly due to differences in spraying conditions and manufacturing. Since we cannot control these variables, they are not considered defects and will not be eligible for refund.

The aforementioned scenarios are not typical and while we make every effort to achieve perfection in your new Perma‐Glaze or Liquid Stone finish, due to the conditions mentioned above perfection is not always possible. Although your new surface may not be “perfect” it will have a beautifully updated new finish that will give many more years of satisfaction.

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Warranty Coverage, Care and Cleaning of your new surface go hand-in-hand.  We offer a 2 year Workmanship Warranty, which means if there are any issues that arise as a result of workmanship (the application of our products - drips or runs in the finish for example), we will return to repair at no additional cost to our customer.  Note that 1) Workmanship related issues are rare and will typically show up within 10 days after resurfacing. 2) Any damage to the surface - whether caused unintentionally or as a result of negligence or abuse such as chips, gouges, or scratches that allow water to seep under the finish, cause a bubble and subsequent peeling or flaking, or caused by failure to follow the care & cleaning instructions below - WILL incur repair costs.

  • MINIMUM DRY TIME:  48 hours for Perma-Glaze and 24 hours for Liquid Stone.  DO NOT touch, use or let the surface get wet during the minimum dry time period.  If necessary you may caulk and reinstall any hardware that was removed AFTER the dry time.
  • CLEANING SUPPLIES:  Only a soft sponge or washcloth with a Non-Abrasive, Non-bleach Liquid or Gel cleaner may be used.  Dawn dish liquid, Barkeeper's Friend liquid, Lysol/Mr. Clean spray are safe and good to use.  Never use powders, abrasives or bleach on your new surfaces. 
  • DO NOT pick surface dust off with your finger ‐ any surface dust will likely dissipate within 30 days of normal use and cleaning.
  • DO contact us immediately to repair any damage - chips, gouges, etc. left unrepaired will allow for water to seep underneath the finish, bubble up and cause peeling of the finish resulting in larger repairs/repair fees.
  • AVOID SUCTION CUPS – Never use any type of containers or mats with suctions cups on your new surface as they will collect and hold moisture underneath and pull at the finish when removed. We offer a non-slip traction treatment that can be added to tub bottoms or shower floors during the resurfacing process, or special non-suction bath mats for resurfaced areas may be used and removed to dry after each use - please ask for store/locations where to purchase.
  • DO NOT leave wet cloths, sponges, bottles, soaps or any other wet items sitting on your new surface at any time ‐ purchase a soap dish for our vanity top and a shower rack or tension pole corner caddy for tubs.
  • ALWAYS make sure there are no holes or gaps in any grout or caulking in a shower stall or tub surround. This can lead to water seepage resulting in wall damage and a costly repair bill.
  • NEVER use or rinse hair dye, clean paint brushes or use paint related chemicals or materials on your new surface.  Keep harsh chemicals away from surface. 
  • DO NOT use, clean, put or store any items in or on your new surface that might damage, cut or burn it.
  • DO NOT LET leaky faucets go unrepaired. In time, a constant leak will damage the finish.
  • NEVER let workers place tools, ladders in or on, or stand on a resurfaced fixture with their shoes on. Have them remove shoes and put a soft towel or sheet down to stand on.
  • DO contact our office should you have any questions regarding any of the above.