Makeover Vs. Remodel - What’s the Cost?

In Part One of our Makeover vs. Remodel series, we explained what we mean by having a room makeover in favor of a full remodel in your bathrooms or kitchen. Here in Part Two we want to show some actual cost differences between the same, so we teamed up with a contractor we work with often in order to give you a good visual.

Note that the replacement costs quoted are for medium quality fixtures (cabinets, vanities, flooring, etc) which means that if you were to select high end fixtures, the remodel cost could be quite a bit more . Keep in mind also that the remodel costs here are for demo and replacing fixtures in place/in the same footprint of the room, meaning that if you were to change where any of the new fixtures would be placed the cost could increase dramatically for this as well. Of course, higher costs on remodels means bigger savings for your makeovers! ;)

Having said that, here are our three project comparisons: 

Project 1:  90’s Bathroom Makeover 

This is a pretty basic 90’s builder grade/low quality master bathroom.  This client had friends and family in from out of town shortly after the project was completed and let us know they thought it was a beautifully dramatic change and they couldn’t believe the old sink/vanity tops hadn’t been replaced with brand new.

90s bathroom complete.png

The cost savings here was between 80-85% at minimum.


Project 2: 60’s Hall Bath Makeover

This is a 1963 bathroom with tiled walls and vanity top with a corner shower stall.  We obtained several new clients from this makeover as the homeowner enjoys entertaining and loves showing off her "new" bathroom!

60s bathroom complete.png

The savings here is between 73-82%, or more.

Project 3:  Grandma’s Kitchen Makeover 

This was a home our clients inherited after their grandparents passed away; they are keeping it to use as a vacation home when they come back to visit Dallas from their current home in Colorado until they move back permanently.  We made over this kitchen plus two bathrooms for them! 

kitchen complete.png

The cost savings here is between 86 and almost 90%  So, even after having the flooring done separately, they till saved a HUGE amount for a beautiful "new" kitchen!

Whether you’ve just moved into your home, are in the process of selling, or have an investment property you need to spruce up, kitchen and bath makeovers by Perma-Glaze of Texas add value and beauty without breaking the bank.

Kelly Duff