Makeover vs. Remodel- What's the difference?

When clients reach out to us for bathroom and kitchen makeovers, it is typically not because anything is “wrong” with the rooms or fixtures they currently have. Usually the footprint works well and the fixtures they have are worn or old or ugly and they want something fresh and different. You’ve most likely heard that a gallon of paint can go a long way in transforming a room and that is absolutely true, but take that a step further and let’s look at what a professional refinisher can do with the items in that room and you will see what we mean by makeover vs. remodel.

A professional refinisher will tackle and renew most fixtures in a home; whether it be a bathtub, shower, vanity top, sink, floor, countertop, backsplash or cabinet, and made of any type of material - porcelain, ceramic, cultured marble, laminate, solid surface, fiberglass or wood and resurface it with specialty products that will completely change the look of the fixture itself. For instance an old laminate kitchen counter top can be refinished with a beautiful stone-look material giving the appearance of a brand new quartz or granite countertop. Add repainting the kitchen cabinets and painting the walls to the project, and you’ve got an entirely different looking kitchen.

A remodeler or contractor on the other hand will recommend replacing those old fixtures with brand new and of course there is nothing wrong with this option either if it is what the clients prefers. However, we want to outline some differences between the two options and give you a visual of some completed projects as well:

VS graphic (1).png