1962 Bathroom Makeover

It’s true; no job is too small for us – but full bathroom and kitchen makeovers are undeniably our favorite task to complete. Everyone deserves to have spaces in their home that they are proud of, but the average homeowner doesn’t have a $12,000  budget to gut and rebuild. In the case of our most recent makeover client, the bulk of their budget was spent on a full remodel in their master bath, with a little wiggle room left to do something with the guest bath. Everything in the guest bath (other than the vanity top and sink) is original to the home, built in 1962, and still in excellent shape- just a little dulled down from almost 60 years of use.


The clients already knew they wanted to have everything resurfaced in white, which made it extremely easy to coordinate- the first time we saw the bathroom in person was the day we started working! When I arrived at his home, the client and I realized we vaguely knew each other because of a workplace we shared in the past! I wish I got to know him better back then, because he ended up being one of the most fun clients I’ve worked with. As he took me on a tour of their impeccably decorated mid-century home, it was obvious the guest bath was the missing puzzle piece that would pull it all together. After talking for a while, I showed the client all of our liquid stone samples, and we discovered that “Castle Rock” is almost identical to the existing granite vanity top, so we decided to refinish the floor tiles in that instead of white. It added a day to the project, but in the end, it was the right decision and really helped tie the room in with the rest of the house.


The first day of the project was all prep work- cleaning, scraping, etching, and sanding- all the least fun, but very necessary stuff.  On day two, I refinished the wall tile and bathtub in our “Soft-White” glaze, and we could finally see some progress. Day three was cabinet repainting. I found a color called "Snowbound" that matches our Soft White glaze perfectly, and it really added to the brightness of the new bathroom! We had to skip a day of work to wait on the new liquid stone color to be shipped, so floor tile resurfacing was completed on day five. After a 24-hour dry time, we returned for the last time to remove tape and masking, caulk, and take care of a few other small odds and ends to polish up the new room!


Our clients went on vacation after we started the project and arrived back home just as we were finishing on day six! They were so excited to see that the character of the mid-century modern bathroom was left intact, while at the same time giving it the update it desperately needed to finally belong in their gorgeous home!


-Marissa Duff, Senior Tech