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MULTI SURFACE restoration

Why you should choose Perma-Glaze® of Texas:


  • Perma-Glaze® is one of the most established and respected names in the multi-surface restoration industry. Our glaze is developed specifically for this purpose, and available exclusively from Perma-Glaze.  It is not an epoxy or automotive finish. 
  • While most refinishers all buy their glazes from the same manufacturers, they cannot buy Perma-Glaze®.
  • Beware of "cheap" pricing.  The only way to cut pricing is to use cheaper materials, and/or leave out some of the process.   We don't cut corners to save time, and we will never skimp on quality primers, topcoats, or masking materials.  Some companies do what they call "apartment quality" work.  We only do "high quality" work, whether at an apartment, residential home or commercial location. 
  • Our glaze does not contain poly-isocyanates, which can be harmful to the technician, and require the use of an air-fed respirator; still, they are chemicals so if you are pregnant or have any type of health problems, you may choose to leave the house while and for a couple hours after spraying.
  • While we use venting machines and fans, there is some odor, most of which will be gone within a few hours after the technician leaves.  Stone FlecksTM finishes may take a day or so for the odor to dissipate.
  • Our glaze is a "high-build" product.  Because it dries more slowly, each coat blends with the prior layer resulting in one thick layer, as opposed to a few thin layers on top of each other. 
  • Others may build thickness with primer, because it's cheaper.  We build thickness with glaze to give you a superior finish.
  • Our glaze has superior luster and does not require additional buffing or waxing.  Some refinishers need to come back to "buff out" your tub, and some recommend you actually wax your tub every 6 months with an automotive wax!  This is not necessary with Perma-Glaze®.
  • Stone FlecksTM finishes are not manufactured by Perma-Glaze; however they are the highest quality chemical coatings of their kind.
  • We respect your property.  Utmost care is taken to protect your walls, floors, counters, etc.  We use the highest quality masking tape and paper, and we "go the extra mile" to prevent spray from landing where it shouldn't.
  • We don't rush the job.  Some refinishers force their employees to get the job done as quickly as possible because they pay them by the hour.  We take enough time to make sure the job is done right, no matter how long it takes.